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SPARK Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (SPARK) is a company formed as a registered management consultancy company under the regulations provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in this regard where all the directors are Chartered Accountants. This makes the company more reliable as the functioning of the company shall be under the aegis of the rules framed under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949. SPARK Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has a PAN India Network of Chartered Accountants working towards providing services to corporate clients. We believe in the philosophy that collective and coordinated efforts can pave a way for better results for both clients and professionals. That is why SPARK has come up with this concept of forming a network across the length and breadth of India which shall enable the company to cater to the needs of the large corporates in every manner. SPARK has been formed with a view to come over the limitations set up by a partnership firm which entails limited geographic reach and limited working portfolio. SPARK aims to span across all the parts of the country so that all the locational necessities of the clients can be catered in an economic manner.


SPARK has a network of Chartered Accountants spanning across all the major cities of India. SPARK has been formed with an intention to serve the clients in their desired location through local network partners which shall bring efficiency, economy and above all timeliness in the execution of work

Apart from the core team the Network of Chartered Accountants carry all responsibilities of the company. These network partners are responsible for the execution of work at ground level and shall give their individual assurance on the quality of the work executed by them.

SPARK is formed of the core team of Chartered Accountants which are the directors of the company. These are the people at the helm of the affairs of the company and are responsible for the core work. The network partners are following a level of hierarchy which is centrally managed by the directors of the company.

The network of SPARK spans across 100 cities and covers all the major cities of India. The locations have been carefully chosen to inculcate the coverage of the maximum area of the country.

The strength of the network is drawn through its Network Partners. All the network partners are covering different areas in their existing practice and have joined hands to form a network that completes the circle. Along with the network partners, there are promoters that join the team as a binding force. The promoters of the company have conceived this idea of the formation of this network and have formed this team to its present shape and size. They manage and control the network. The promoters of the network ensure that the assignments are done smoothly and effectively with the desired quality. They give the directions to the company and centrally manage the execution of the assignments. Apart from this, there is a team of experts that guide the company in case of the requirements of a special case. This panel of experts is formed by senior members from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and other experts from different fields who have earned a lot of experience and are experts in their respective fields.

SPARK is an organization which has penetration in all the major cities across India. The number of locations covered are more than mo. This gives us the advantage of getting the assignments done in lesser cost in comparison to an organization which shall send team from a different location to execute the assignment

SPARK is a Private Limited company registered with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The company is governed by the Code of Conduct of the Institute and hence is highly committed towards the professional ethics. This makes the organization reliable in terms of quality in the execution of the assignments

The firm is built on a strong infrastructure of Expertise, Manpower & Geography and includes latest in the field of technology to support the diverse needs of the clients. The firm has the infrastructure to take assignments of any magnitude and domain. We have dedicated staff looking after different domain like:

Assurance I Accountancy I Direct Taxation GST I Accounting I Advisory I Bank Audit Cost Accounting I Startup Consultancy Financing & Loan Syndication

Team SPARK is having an unmatched combination of:

  • System Auditors
  • Forensic Auditors
  • Arbitrators
  • Cost Auditors
  • Liquidators
  • Due Diligence Experts
  • IFRS/ Ind AS Experts
  • Investment Advisors
  • Software professionals
  • Engineers for Valuation
SPARK is aimed to serve clients for their specific needs in large geographical area. SPARK provides quality services to a diverse range of clients including Audit, Finance & Taxation. Apart from this, we provide the following services specially for a larger geographical area and clients having a big coverage in terms of branches or outlets:

Customized Services

We provide customized services as per the requirement of clients. The services are designed and delivered as per the requirements of the clients. This includes customized audit of various factions, Forensic Audit, Surprise Audits, Cash Audit, FAR Maintenance etc.

Inspection Services

We provide inspection services for different requirements of clients. Generally, the requirements are specific to the needs of the clients. A few areas include inspections for SEBI, Insurance & IRDA.

Distributed Execution-Audit & Assurance

With the presence of SPARK across the locations in India, we are providing distributed execution services to our clients at various locations including remote locations.

Branch/Franchise Audit

For larger corporates, having a number of branches at different locations, control can be exercised if a transparent audit is conducted by an external agency. We have been doing such assignments for a number of corporate and because of the centralized coordination and processing, we assure the clients of uniform reporting practices, centralized monitoring and timely completion of assignments.

Revenue Audit

Corporate are always concerned about revenue collections at their Branch Offices. We provide specialized revenue audit services for the same purpose. We follow a standard procedure and internal control methods to determine the possibility of revenue leakage and ascertain whether everything is as per the requirements of the organization or not. We also keep suggesting our clients about the ways in which the process can be made better by installation of certain internal control procedures

Inventory Audit

Inventory Audit comprises not only of the physical verification of inventory but also an opinion about the condition of inventory. We conduct inventory audit for a number of corporate on a regular basis. This audit forms the requirement of a number of organizations including C & F's, retail stores, distributors, etc.

Cash Verification & Cash Handling Audit

We conduct cash verification and cash handling audit for a number of clients. This audit also includes commenting on the safety and control measures followed in upkeep and handling of cash.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis has become the most important requirement specially for large corporates. The function inculcates the analysis of data and deriving inferences which lead to a clearer insight into the past working of the organization, and also shall enable the organization to take informed decisions for the future.

Vendor for Loan Processing

We provide liquid income profiling services to a number of Financial Institutions. This include the verification and reporting of the liquid income of various clients, based on which the lenders shall base their decisions. Also, we provide other services for the processing of loans.

Site Verification

We provide site verification services to a number of clients including credit rating agencies. This involves personal visit at the client's place of business and the verification of his business and financials. This verification is done for the purpose of credit rating and by the lenders to ascertain the depth of client's business.

Quality Assurance

A number of organizations opt for quality assurance in terms of their product and services specially in case a third-party involved in delivery. We conduct quality assurance as a specialized service for clients.

Customer Satisfaction Audit

Customer satisfaction has become the backbone of any industry owing to the growing competition. We provide customer satisfaction audit services on specific points concerning the clients.

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